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Sensual Bathing Ritual… A Different Way to Prepare for an Intimate Evening

It’s that time again, THIS SUNDAY 10.18.09 is the next Easiest & Best Date-Night Ever! Sign up NOW because the Early Bird ends TONIGHT!  click here to register.  See below for more information.


I hope to see you there and I wanted to share with you a very special, sensual ritual that will prepare you for a very intimate night together… I recommend doing this as a preparation for the event if you can make it, but even on it’s own it is pretty exceptional.


Sensual Bathing Ritual

 (once you have tried this ritual, I would LOVE to hear about your experience! Post it on my facebook fan page by clicking here)

What I love about this ritual is that it is so easy to do and so sweet and rewarding.  No matter how much stress you have been under or how challenged you have felt in your relationship you will find yourself feeling tender and open to your love after this.

In India, this ritual is performed before any sacred ceremony.  It is seen as a cleansing process so that you enter into the ceremony new and available to be present.  For our modern lives, this can be a valuable tool to cleanse ourselves from the day so that we can be fully present to our partnership.


What you will need:

  1. epsom salts (so easy, you can buy them for a couple of bucks at your local drugstore) *ritual can be done without this
  2. essential oils (I like lavendar or some kind of citrus…) *ritual can be done without this
  3. if you can’t find either of the above, you can do this with simply your favorite liquid soap as bubble bath to add that sensual atmosphere
  4. a tupperware pitcher OR any shape container (unbreakable)
  5. a soft sponge OR washcloth 
  6. liquid soap  
  7. candles
  8. sensual music (check out

*you can add additional creative elements if you are inspired… rose petals and incense are always nice 😉

Now, the fun part.  There are a couple of different ways to do this:

1. one partner can get in the tub to receive and the other can sit outside the tub to give (with no exchange, just as a gift of love)


2. both partners can squeeze into the tub together

Getting Started:

I recommend beginning by synchronizing the breath.

If you are both in the tub together, have the woman sit in front of the man, her back to his chest.  He can wrap his hands around her waist and rest them on her belly.

If one partner is outside the tub, he/she can place their hands on either side of the receiving partner’s heart.

Then begin to inhale together feeling the belly filling up like a balloon and exhale together.  Continue this practice for 2-5 minutes.  This will bring your bodies into harmony and you will become even more sensitive to one another’s touch.

Moving on…

Now the giving partner will lather up the receiver.  Once the receiver’s body is soapy and slippery, use this to glide your hands over their skin, and massage in any way that feels good to you.

Gently guide the receiver to move so that you can soap up their entire body.

Once you have lathered and massaged them lovingly, take your Tupperware pitcher and use it to pour warm water over the receiver’s body, rinsing and cleansing them.  You can do this several times because the feel of the warm water pouring over their body will be a real highlight of the experience.

Now that they are rinsed off, you will either switch partners OR have the receiving partner stand and bring them a warm towel.  Wrap the towel around them and pat them dry. 

As the receiver, allow yourself to relax completely and enjoy being pampered!

Ready for love…

Now it’s time to leisurely dress and prepare to attend The Easiest & Best Date-Night with Charu to continue your evening of deepening and exploration. 😉

If you can’t make it to the event, this is a great moment to spend some more quality time together massaging one another, making love, enjoying each other in any way that feels good for you.




…here is what some other couples have shared:


“Finding tantra was like finding a long lost friend, it felt very natural and normal for my boyfriend and I to be with one another in a more sensitive, present, meditative, energetic, and exploratory way but no one had given us permission before. It was in us! But we needed someone to show us the way.


We had a huge break through after just one meeting. Not just huge – gigantic!

Our relationship changed forever after just one session. The work touched us so deeply, so quickly, so powerfully, we could not believe it.”




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In a long-term relationship it can be difficult to make sure that you are consistently nourishing your love, connection and sex-life…this special evening offers a different Tantric meditation experience each month so you can effortlessly add a new dimension to your relating on a monthly basis.

By attending, you are taking an important step towards transforming your sex life, and perhaps even more importantly, you are taking a step towards an intimacy that few couples allow themselves to experience. This intimacy shifts the texture of everything you do in life and allows you to experience what you have truly been longing for in partnership.

This class is literally a step-by-step guide to support you in learning how to:

  • free blocks in your own body that are hindering your capacity for pleasure
  • deeply and intimately connect with your partner in totally ‘out of the box’ (no pun intended) ways
  • learn a simple ritual that will connect you and your partner on a completely new level….one that can immediately be put into practice when you make love

*there is NO nudity or sexual contact in the class*


Looking forward to seeing you there!


The BEST Date- Night / Intro to Tantra for Couples
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*I am working on recording these so the audio will be accessible to people who are not in the LA area!

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