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FREE Telesummit . Tantric Women in Relationship

I am so excited to announce that TOMORROW, Tuesday 4pm PST I will be beginning an amazing Telesummit featuring interviews with Tantric Women in Relationships.

The goal of this series is to explore how the wisdom of Tantra translates into modern relationships.  It is intended to inspire both women who are in relationship and those who are not by opening their eyes to the possibilities (men are more than welcome to listen too).   I was moved to do this series because of my own awakenings and challenges in relationship.

Through Tantra I have seen and experienced possibilities between two people that are completely out of the context of our societies model for relationship.  This delights me and it also raises new questions.  I see this series as paving a new path of possibilities for women who have seen only limited openings in relationship and also women like me who are dedicated to their personal practice, dedicated to living intimacy and longing for sisters on the journey.

Tomorrow’s interview will be with a beloved teacher and friend of mine, Antoinette Asimus of Tantra Heart  She and her Husband Richard discovered Tantra in 1996 after 29 years of marriage and have been practicing and teaching ever since.  My experience of them is loving and vibrant and perhaps most impressive is that they wake every morning together for their Tantra lovemaking practice… I am sure Antoinette will share more about that tomorrow…

You can register for all 5 interviews of this telesummit (yes for FREE) at

I am truly excited to uncover the wisdom that these incredible women have to share.  I hope you will join me.

In love,


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