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I wanted to share with the world a beautiful poem, written by one of my students after a very powerful private session.

He sent this to me with gratitude and I asked him if I could share it with the world so that everyone else out there who is longing to re-awaken can hear the call.

… I too am so grateful.  When openings like this happen in my presence it is a great gift.


in love,



Five long years lost at sea

I had built my life on an Island of sand

On angry words and broken commitments

The world I built crumbled beneath my feet and there was no way out

My soul drowned in the deep, dark, cold waters of despair

And it was there that this demoralized man wandered aimlessly

In pain and anger the path of struggle laid bare

A vacant man, unrecognizable to himself

But something happened

Something changed today,

I began to feel again

The warm tears of grief for my child whom I thought had died are rolling down my face

That tender heart, those hopeful dreams, a sense of wonder began to stir again

A long forgotten, cherished part of me came alive today

I began to breathe in the essence of a life familiar yet foreign

A life I so yearned for but didn’t know anymore

I began to recognize me today

I began to accept me today

And it hurts so much

So much grief for being absent all those years

I missed you

I needed you

I am overwhelmed by the miracle of having my life back

Suddenly I’m standing on solid ground

I can feel the foundation of purpose beneath my feet

The time has come to wake and own my life

I want to live!! I want my life!!

Thank you God for the dawn

I never thought I would see this day

Please God tell me I am here to stay

Please don’t ever let me lose me again

My life is precious

Thank you God

Thank you for the dawn



  meeeu wrote @

I loved the poem. Thank you for sharing!

  Asttarte wrote @

Beautiful blog Charu. See mine at

I love your title!


  Philip S. Knight wrote @

The impulse to drop by Charu’s blog on a seeming whim and choosing this page by seeming happenstance…

T’was neither.

While I’m not yet experiencing the joyful relief part our brother expressed today, his poem speaks to me as a fellow soul in a male biosuit.

This is not to say that I am not half-choosing, half-stumbling into glimpses of that level of being/awareness as I live my life.

But today is one of those days where I’m having to let some ancient, simple yet also complex nebula of quiet agony/pain/despair simply float in my space.

Not try to push it away nor get pulled into it. Just be with it. Gently.

At some point, I know the cloud will lift, and I’ll be just a bit further along the upward widening spiral of self/Self blossoming.

It’s always nice to know one isn’t alone in this process, however differently paced it may be. Each awakening must happen according to the unique process of our individual paths.

  Anon wrote @

I think it is a bit distracting and off-the-mark to feel one must connect to the “Divine” to connect with their lover, esp man-to-woman.

It is much more honest and direct to point out that women want men to LOVE them, and not just want to fuck them. If you genuinely LOVE someone, you will want to take the time to please them, as well as have a sense of humor about it. And if a woman feels securely LOVED, she will drop her insecurities and relax, accepted.

Too many people jump in bed before they are both in love. In that case insecurities will end up following them to bed. THAT is the problem.

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