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Is it Possible that Life is Good?

Wow. Life is so unbelievably delicious.

I just got back from a sunset meditation on the beach with a Tantric named Peter. He calls the breathing techniques he presents ‘shakti pot’. My understanding of the meaning of that is to allow the essence of life to live through you… I am sure there are many interpretations.

We breathe heavily as we stare at the setting sun over the ocean.

As each sequence of 4 or 5 breaths completes I allow my body to be enveloped by a feeling of coming apart. I feel as though I die for a moment, everything that I hold onto to make life make sense comes undone and seems unimportant. I feel confused, but safe and happy.

Each time, I don’t know if I will ever come back…to life on this earth. And I don’t mind if I do or don’t. It seems irrelevant. I am shocked to find myself within moments back on this earth, in this human body, able to still listen and understand words and function. When everything disappears I am certain that I have forgotten it forever.

Life feels softer and sweeter after. Things seem less important. It is freeing.

Sometimes I feel like I am so ‘in’ being a human and making my life work, and keeping it real, and staying down to earth, and, and, and.. that I forget how bizarre and delightful it is to be alive. I forget what a miracle it is that the sun rises and sets each day, that the waves ebb and flow, that the seasons change…

I am a little bit embarrassed to be talking about something so ethereal. I pride myself on being so ‘down to earth’…and yet, I have lost touch. Life is so sweet and so simple. Even as I say that my mind rushes up with a thousand reasons it is not true.

I wish that I could always feel the world around me as I do in this moment.

I wish that I could remember to be simple.

When I got home I was gifted an amazing email from a friend with this link

when I watched it I burst into tears and for the first time in a long time I felt absolutely blessed to be alive on this earth.

in love,



  chuck crook wrote @

Loved Dawn’s workshop. Her instruction to be like the balloon rising which requires no effort no desire was sooo powerful. Was lying in bed this morning and wanted to pleasure myself from a place of desire and for first time realized YES desire does get in the way of pleasure. I yielded back to the breath rising like a balloon with no need for desire and pleasure came into me in ways i have never felt. Nice to build energy with the group and then continue riding,rising, and exploring the next day…this is a first for me. Gratitude in yummy spades to self, Dawn and Charu!

  Vicky wrote @

I just watched the video, and find myself with tears running down my cheeks. How utterly beautiful – thank you so much for sharing it. Yes, there are moments when we need reminding how wonderful it is to be alive.

In love,


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